Old Biscuit Mill Market Woodstock Cape Town

Imagine a fresh fruit, meat and fish market, imagine a beer hall, imagine a selection of the finest wines to taste, imagine food stalls offering taste sensations from many different cultures around the world and roll them all in to one! 

One great experience all under one tent – and that is the Neighbour Goods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill Market in Cape Town every Saturday from 9am until (officially) 2pm – however we have been known to roll out of there at about 4 or 5 in the afternoon.

The market offers an enormous variety of goodies from crafts, art, children’s delights, shoes and clothes, but being the consummate foodies and beveragies we usually do focus on the food and drink side of the market.

Our first port of call is always the Coffee shop for freshly brewed Cappuccino (these guys take their coffee very seriously) the staff are truly amazing – an entertainment in itself, just listening to their banter and jokes whilst waiting for your coffee sets the mood for the day.

A quick stop to the chocolate man – who makes his own delicious chocolate from 100% cocoa beans and his own cocoa butter – he is as passionate about his chocolate as I am about wine!

Then off to the business at hand – shopping for the next weeks supplies. A stop at Julie’s Ocean Jewels stand in the Neighbour Goods Market for some sushi fresh fish mainly line caught by her father, the meat man for some hormone free lamb and game meat, the bread man for some ciabatta and the best of the best – the cheese stand for some imported unpasteurised deliciously scrumptious and smelly cheese.

That done off to the food stands to choose from the wide variety of foods on offer – this is where Tiny has a panic attack – so many delicious offerings – what to choose – being somewhat routine in nature I tend to beeline for the Flambe Kuchen (an Alsatian dish of thinly rolled dough topped with crème fraiche, onions and ham and cooked like a pizza) – delicious! They also have a small restaurant in Cape Town which I am anxious to try. A bonus here is that the owners adopted son attends Opera school – and if one twists his arm enough towards the end of the day working with his mom you can find him belting out some operatic tunes that will make you hair stand up – truly inspiring chap.

The only real downer for me is that some of the food stands level of hygiene is a little dubious for my taste, Kitchen Cowboys do a fantastically looking sirloin roll for only R50, but the hygiene practises – guys, you need to look into this….seriously!

The range of micro breweries and beers from abroad is great, the range to choose from includes Camelthorn (from Namibia) Boston from the Cape and Jack Black also from Cape and &Union from Belgium to name just a few of the options.

Our favourite by far and the culprit behind us falling out of the market at 4 or 5pm is definitely Camelthorn.

Check out Tiny’s review of this beer and also his beer and food pairing with Camelthorn’s RED – absolutely fantastic!

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