Vouvray Le Haut Lieu Moulleux 1924

Vouvray 1924

Vouvray 1924

This has to be the most delicious, scrumptious wine I have ever had the pleasure to taste so far in this lifetime.

We experienced it at the Michael Fridjhon Wine Experience a few years ago, we were privy only to a single glass of this sublime nectar (at $450 per bottle you can understand why!).

This wine is from the cellar of Gaston Huet, who established in 1919, is relatively young in the Vuovray region in the Loire, France where wines have been produced for over 1 000 years.

We had the pleasure of the owner of the estate, Mr Noel Pinguet, who’s father inlaw’s father actually made the wine and according to Noel, was still a bit young!

On opening the wine there appeared to be a slight petillance, which did dissipate very quickly, according to Noel this was the result of the traumatic trip across the ocean from its cellar where it was stored for all these years at 12°C temperature and 90% humidity.

The wine possessed the typical hue of age, a deep golden colour and mature on the palate.

With slight honey tones and orange marmalade it was still very balanced with hints of herbs such as dill, it had an assumed sweetness that would make it easy to drink quite a few glasses of this wine, without being cloying from the sweetness that is in the wine.

It had great acidity that cut through the sweetness which made it a very balanced wine.

The Vouvray region known for its Chenin Blancs and often produce Sparkling wines have a very varied season each year with their grapes returning a sugar variance from about 200g/l to 400g/l which surely makes for interesting vintages and winemaking skills.

A must if you can get your hands on a bottle!

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