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I have always been a beer lover and have tasted beers from around the world.  Some have been to put it pleasantly, tasteless others taste like dishwater looks after a particular large load of dishes have been washed and then you get the gems.

While perusing and tasting my way through the Neighbourgoods
market at the old biscuit mill in Cape Town, South Africa I came across some real gems  – beers from a Namibian brewery and I thought that just this once in the name of research I might partake in a pint.  Well 6 pints later I thought this beer is worth a serious look and so set about meeting with Hanno  Finkeldey the gentleman responsible for bringing this lovely beer to South Africa.

Hanno from CamelThorn

Hanno hard at work

While drinking a few Bok’s over dinner at the German club in Gardens it became apparent that beer is more than a business to Hanno and his
brother – it is a mission to bring real beer to real beer drinkers.

I am a manic traveller, foodie, wine and beer lover and it is amazing to meet like-minded people who view beer not simply as something to
throw down your throat while watching your favourite sport, but as a beverage to be enjoyed for its own properties or as an accompaniment to fine food.  Most people buy into wine and food pairing, but to me and many others beer is a marvellous companion to fine food.  Have a look at my posts on Thai Green Curry and Yellowtail in a lime and chilli sauce where I pair the Camelthorn Red Ale to these dishes and it works amazingly well.

The Camelthorn Brewing Company brewery, situated in Windhoek Namibia, is a microbrewery producing handcrafted beers.  The brewery can produce a maximum of 7000 HL (1 hectoliter = 100 Liters).
It is fast approaching it 3rd birthday and is open to the
public to visit the brewery and partake of their fine beverages there. The
brewmaster is Hanno’s brother Jorg and he has been in the trade for years and has a passion for brewing craft beers.

Camelthorn produce a number of different beers which can be tasted and bought from Hanno at the old biscuit mill every Saturday morning and in a growing number of outlets in South Africa.

  • Helles –unfiltered Lager – very flavoursome
  • Gold – Filtered Lager
  • Red American Ale – Ale with cascade hops
  • Weizen – wheat beer
  • Fresh – citrus flavoured Wheat beer, only 2.5% alcl


  • Bok – dark wheat beer, very rich and creamy. Pairs beautifully with desserts.
  • Sundowner – summer beer

Tasting Notes:

BOK – winter special dark wheat beer 7% alc,

Sight:  dark Brown,
slightly hazy due to non filtering, good head retention

Nose: Malty, Caramel, Fruity, Floral

Taste: Slight sweet initially, followed by floral characteristics
with a pleasant caramel flavour which lingers in the aftertaste.  It has a crisp bitterness which counteracts
the velvety mouthfeel beautifully. This beer has a long finish.


My favourite of the Camelthorn beers that I have tasted so
far, especially as winter gets colder. I love the velvety mouthfeel and the
delicate balance between sweet and bitter. A perfect desert beer which pairs well with cheesecake and I would imagine it would be awesome with bread and butter pudding and even rum and rasin ice cream.  A winner – my biggest disappointment is that I have just finished the last Bok in the house doing this review! Oh well I can always get some more!!!!

RED AMERICAN ALE – Brewed using  Malt and American yeast and Cascade hops. 4.5% alc

Sight: Copper coloured, clear, good head retention

Nose:  Floral, crisp flavours

Taste: Very crisp clean flavours, extremely floral with an  excellent bitterness from the cascade hops.

Reflection: I could drink this all day long, more flavoursome than a lager but not too flavoursome to be overpowering.  It is crisp and clean an all-round winner.  I paired it with a spicy Green Chicken Curry and a Yellowtail with lime and chilli sauce and it worked perfectly with both. This is certainly a beer worth keeping in the fridge to introduce your mates to beer and food pairings or simply to knock their socks off with. However as I have found it does not last in the fridge as my wife
tends to finish it off quicker than I can restock it.

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