Winter warmth at The Grand Café and Beach


The Grand Cafe and Beach Steak and Chips

The Grand Cafe and Beach Steak and Chips

I was well chuffed to be going to The Grand café and Beach for a 3 course lunch, having spent a number of lazy and boozy afternoons enjoying the beautiful setting on the beach. The morning dawned grey and wet and this I admit dampened my enthusiasm, it was chilly and miserable.

Dressed up warmly and with lowered expectations for the experience as I have always associated The Grand with Sun and Fun we arrived.
From outside The Grand looked closed, as we approached the doors rolled backed and we were welcomed into a wonderful warm friendly environment. We were seated near the Pizza oven and a gas heater was brought over to ensure that we stayed toasty while having lunch.
Our waiter Nershan’s service was perfect, he explained everything to us and made excellent suggestions regarding the meal. We were treated to The Grand Winter special menu – which has a well-balanced selection. Judy had the spicy prawns –more on this later, I had a soup.

Allow me to digress here briefly, we have been travelling around South Africa for the last couple of months – which is winter – while not as cold as a European winter it is still well chilly. I am a soup nut and am always on the lookout for a interesting, beautifully crafted soup, now at every restaurant we have been to there has only been one soup on offer – Butternut! While butternut soup can be very tasty and is a worthy soup it is hardly imaginative at all, and I personally cannot stand that this is the only option for soup in 90% of places I have visited.

Chicken and Pea soup from The Grand Cafe and Beach

Chicken and Pea soup from The Grand Cafe and Beach

Back to my soup – there were two options awesome – and no butternut in sight I was in heaven, the options were a Bean and Lentil soup or The Grand’s signature Chicken and Pea soup. When my Chicken and Pea Soup arrived it was steaming hot, a beautiful green colour and full of chunky goodness. It was incredible – the taste and consistency were perfect and the portion size was great. I am a growing boy and have a healthy appetite and this hit the spot perfectly getting me ready for my steak and chips. Together with the meal we shared a bottle of The Grand’s Sparkling Rose which is a crisp and lively cap classique, which went beautifully with the meal. I did sneak a couple of Judy’s prawns – strictly research of course – they had a nice chilli bite with a lovely Rosemary flavour running through them – perfectly cooked – firm but tender and again a good portion for a starter.

For main I had a steak and chips – which is a 250g Sirloin, rare which to me is the only way to eat steak, it was cooked perfectly and had an amazing flavour from the basting sauce the chef uses. This dish is paired with a béarnaise sauce which is light and fluffy – the steak did not need a sauce in my opinion as it was excellent but it was great for dipping the chips into. Judy had a chicken curry which while been spicy was mild which is perfect to enjoy the flavours without losing your taste due to total burnout.

The desert – by this time I was pretty full and had to invoke a mantra (in the name of research..) in order to make space for desert. My crème Brule was perfect the custard was lovely and creamy and just the perfect amount of caramelised sugar coating so it was not too rich, Judy had the Malva pudding to end a great meal.

A great meal, a lovely bottle of bubbly and a exceptional venue – we did not even notice the grim weather as the ambiance was so warm and the food sublime. This comes highly recommended and it will not break the bank.


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