Italy Luxurious Inspired Leadership Retreat

Luxurious Inspired Leadership Retreat, Nov 9-13, Italy.
Hosted by Grace Kelly, Led and Instructed by Certified Demartini Facilitator, Tanya Cross with a work shop facilitated by Tiny and Judy.
• Are you earning enough only to get by as you pursue your 9-5,when you could be earning so much more doing what you really love?
• Are you seeing others get the opportunities to lead the lives of their dreams whilst you remain “stuck” or worse as a barely functional follower?
• Do you have ideas and talents that you STILL haven’t brought forward to earn from in your life due to lack of clarity, vision or confidence?
• Would you love to play on the same level as the people who really inspire you?
In any case if you are ready to make a change to ensure you start 2012 doing what you would love and playing on levels that you could never have imagined then this retreat is for you!
“Whatever powerful traits we recognize in others we have. By 100% owning what we perceive in others we awaken dormant powers and new possibilities within ourselves” John Demartini
The first day at leisure recovering from your flight we experience the magnificent cultural delights and specialties of the region with food and wine pairings.
On Thursday a full day work shopping with Tiny and Judy facilitating project planning your life, goal setting and mapping towards mastering and living the life you love.
Followed by a 3 day session, over 20hours, where we will have the opportunity to
“Own the traits of the Greats” the people we most admire.
This part of the Demartini Method as instructed and experienced by Certified Demartini Facilitator, Tanya Cross, enables you to empower yourself to play on the same level in your Business, Career and/or Purpose as those you are admiring in your chosen field(s).
This truly is an opportunity to “stand on the shoulders of these giants”, and in doing so you own your true potential and open the door to greater levels of opportunity, wealth and service on a whole new level!
“I began completing the Demartini Method on Inspired Leaders and within the following month I was presented with a business opportunity to work with a company . This has enabled me to travel to 7 countries this year, to speak to more people and therefore to increase my client base globally.
As a result of owning the traits:
I have expanded my business and I am earning 5 fold more income than before I owned the traits!
I have become clear on my vision and mission.
My mind is sharper and vitality stronger.
I am attracting more inspired people who are making an impact on a GLOBAL level.
Through all the different works I have completed, I know the best use of my time that gives me the greatest results is to own the traits of those who most inspire me.”
Tanya Cross, Certified Demartini Facilitator.

The retreat will also be a time to connect socially with inspirational people who are pursuing their dream, to share spiritually and to enjoy gracefully, a taste of Italy in beautiful authentic surroundings between the Adriatic and Ionian seas.
Give yourself the space and time to excel, to become that Inspired Leader as you walk into 2012 finally playing on the level that your true purpose and message deserves!
“The turning point in the lives of those who succeed usually comes through the moments in which they are introduced to their “other selves”…” Napoleon Hill.
• Flights from JHB return
• 4 nights Accommodation in a luxury hotel in quaint village.
• Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks.
• Airport Transfers to and from the venue (which is located less than an hour from Airport).
• One nights cultural entertainment and supper
• One complete day work shopping and chunking down goals in order to ensure we master our lives. A perfect preamble to the Leadership seminar with Tanya and Grace
• A book with your goals clearly marked with chunked down to do lists
• 60 minute consult with either Tiny or Judy to finalise your life project and goals
• 2x 50 mins sessions with Tanya Cross during the weekend- Laser sessions on your purpose and vision.
• Trip to quaint village, for dinner, in the heel of Italy.
• Aperitivo –Wine tasting and Specialities from the Puglia region available
• Pre and Post retreat webinars led by Tanya Cross to get you ready and keep you on track as an Inspired Leader in your chosen field.
• Optional Yoga sessions.
• Be a part of a mastermind group on return to South Africa to ensure we remain on track
Minimum requirement to take part in this invaluable seminar that will undoubtedly ensure you Master you Life and live the life you would love is at least one attendance to the Dr Demartini Breakthrough Experience held periodically in South Africa.

Please contact me on for pricing and more information on this life changing event.

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