Our next road trip about to start!!!

We are really looking forward to our next road trip due to start early next week – can’t wait!!  some very interesting and exciting adventure lined up… Leaving Cape Town and traversing through the Karoo with a few pit stops, sleep overs and culinary experiences along the way toward Gauteng and once there we will be […]

Lots of interesting stories coming…..

Tiny and I have recently been on a an amazing trip around South Africa and have experienced some truly delightful culinary explosions… From Lesotho, Eastern Cape, Karoo and West Coast and culinary delights from some of the finest Cape restaurants as well as some delicious wines – certainly our flavour of the month is Bosmans […]

Remembering the day travel as we knew it changed

As I sit here in New York City on this day (9/11) of remembrance, I am overwhelmed at the unity amongst all people – nationals, immigrants and tourists alike. If nothing else this event and the 10 year anniversary  has brought people together irrespective of race, gender, creed or nationality. Well done New York on a […]

Fashion Night Out – New York City

Finally I am in New York for FASHION NIGHT OUT…. dream of a lifetime (well one of them anyway!!) check back later for details of our night on the town tonight… we will be visiting Bloomingdales, Tiffany’s, Bottega Vaneta, Bergdorf Goodman and many more….

Amazing Quote from the indomitable author Mark Twain

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I know you are going to be jealous when I tell you that we the MANICTRAVELLERS are off to experience the delights of THE GRAND CAFE AND BEACH in Granger Baytomorrow!!! Yep! For lunch and some of their own pink Sparkling wine!! oohhh!!! I can’t wait!  So the Sun BETTER come out tomorrow! Set on […]

Sutherland Hotel – What a place for a party!

Are you a biker, or planning a stag party or good old fashioned party with mates, then you simply must head out to the heart of the beautiful Karoo in South Africa, the middle of nowhere we everything grow exactly to two foot nothing! Apart from being seismically speaking the most stable place on earth […]

Sutherland – the coldest place in South Africa

Day one of our latest trip through South Africa took us from Cape Town to Sutherland in the heart of the Karoo recently. Unfortunately the heavens opened up as we drove out of Cape I have wanted to visit Sutherland for many years – since the telescope SALT (Southern Africa Large Telescope) was built and I […]

Road Trip kicks off today

Today we leave for our long overdue road trip, for Manic Travellers it has been about 5 weeks not travelling and we’re suffering withdrawal symptoms. First stop – Sutherland in the Karoo, our timing is not too bad, just past New Moon, so with clear skies we should get a fab view of the sky […]

Mizen Head Lighthouse – Top of the list so far!

Slowly but very surely we are making our way through the lighthouses of the world in our quest to find the top 10.  Lighthouses, by there very nature at such amazing places, so tranquil and refreshing usually surrounded by hills, mountains, cliffs and of course the sea crashing onto the rocks below. The squall of seagulls […]