You have seen our blog site and our glossy magazine – in very short time we have managed to reach a very wide audience all over the world and have a massive following, it has done wonders for us! Would you like the same benefit for your business?

We offer BLOG MANAGEMENT services which includes social media activities for clients, providing the services of a professional writer who has a proven track record with online brand development and marketing with an established audience.

This service will include us managing your company blog and having two people write alternating stories thereby varying theme and style and appealing to yet an even wider audience. It includes Twitter feed and Facebook account as well as RSS and as well as links to Wikipedia where possible, allowing effective online promotion for our clients’ brands and active engagement with existing customers and increasing access to potential customers which in turn increases sales and profitability!

ONLY $45 per month (paid in advance for 1 year) which equates to $1.48 per day!

How can you NOT make this investment in your business?  Social Media and personal recommendations is where business and trust in business is going, make sure you are ahead of the pack with an efficient and informative up to date social media presence!

Manic Traveller’s  Blog Management will offer you 3 to 4 blog posts per month featuring different aspects of your business and new products or developments or any critical news that you wish your clients to know about to increase your sales. As well as regular twittering and facebook entries, retweeting on other social media accounts. Through RSS feeds all your followers will be kept informed and encouraged to make purchase decisions from your company.

For ONLY $1.48 PER DAY you will recieve the following benefits –

  • A personal / company blogsite developed
  • 3 to 4 posts per month
  • Managing and responding to comments
  • Twitter account managed with regular posts and comments
  • Facebook account managed with regular posts and comments
  • RSS
  • Links to Del.ic.ious.
  • Links to Wikipedia
  • Google +1
  • ongoing incorporation of the blogsite to new technology and up and coming social media networks

All this for $1.48 PER DAY!  You simply can not resist this opportunity if you are serious about your brand and if you are serious about making money – otherwise why get out of bed in the morning if making money is NOT what you want to do?

Contact me TODAY and get your business with where its at and happening – social media!

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The old saying goes  – ‘If you fail to plan – you plan to fail’ and that is still enormously relevant in today’s age .  without a Marketing plan for your business you are destined to be like a willow tree and flow one way then the next without results!

Unless you empower your business with a concise and focused marketing plan you will not be in control of your business’s destiny – you will find that outside influences will determine its destiny which will result in poor returns and lower profits.

So why work your rear end away and NOT get the results you deserve? IF you do not have a marketing plan – which is crystal clear with steps and targets – then either do one or Contact us to do one for you!

With a dedicated marketing plan you will increase you customer base, increase you sphere of influence and drive more buying traffic to your business – increasing sales and profits!

Marketing is not just about brand, it is not just about your product/service, it is about every aspect of your business – your business as a whole!

From who you are, what you do, why you do it, who you sell to, who do you want to sell to, how much your product/service costs and how you sell it for, how you present it, what your brand is, how it is displayed, who it is displayed to, how you sell it, where you sell it, how do you communicate with the buying public, who your market is, where your market is, where do you want your market to be, are you old fashioned in your approach or go with the flow or are you cutting edge and leader of the pack!!  So many considerations – so many decisions to make – so many options and directions that will DIRECTLY influence your profitability.


Contact Us today for a quote to get your business on the track to greatness, to give it the tools to achieve the greatness you and your business deserve.

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Do you have marketing plan and a blog site but just do not have the writing skills to portray your message in the professional manner which you know you and your business deserves?

Do you have narrative reports to write for investors but just feel you have not got the words or the flow to get the exact message across in the manner in which you know your investors will be impressed with and will be delighted to keep their investment with you or to attract new investors?

Contact Us  and we will assist you with this – this is what we do and allow yourself to focus on what you are excellent at and that is building your business and making more money.

Contact Us for a quote

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Have you ever been in a situation where you have had a wonderful idea, went to a bank and financial advisers for funds or to investors or Venture Capitalists for money and they asked you for a comprehensive business plan?   And then let your idea go because you simply had no idea where to begin? What to include? Where to get the information you require, how to conduct a marketing analysis, risks, potential size of customer base  and all the many other elements that make up a bankable and comprehensive business plan – well look no further – Manictravelller has many years experience writing comprehensive business plans to unlock finance and product development funds and money for expansion and many other reasons.

We will compile a detailed easy to follow and easy to read business plan for your idea or company or brand that will help you unlock what you need for your business and grow your profitability.

A business plan can also be used by you the business owner as a blue print for development and growth  plan to stick to from one year to another almost like a Master Plan for your business. As Dr John F Demartini is known to say – a short pencil is so much more effective than a long memory.

It is amazing what happens when you transfer your ideas, plans and goals for your business into paper and read and refine them on a regular basis!

So if you would love to achieve what your heart desires for your business,  Contact Us for a quote on compiling a world class business plan for you.
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On of our many loves along with travelling and writing is teaching and Manictraveller Tiny is an outstanding chef of note….

If you would love to attend or have a cooking course hosted in your home  Contact Us for details and a quote.

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