Traveling to Europe from the States

Are you planning a trip to Europe?  Just like any other vacation there will be a list of things to do in order to pull it off without a hitch.  But, unlike any other vacation there are a few more things to tick off your list.  When you travel to Europe there will be some […]

Negotiating the Maze of Car Rentals – regardless of which country you are in

When you fly to your vacation destination you are often faced with the necessity of renting a car.  In some cities, such as New York, a car can be more of a liability than an asset.  But, in the rest of the United States for example renting a car can actually cut the costs of […]

A weird St Patricks Day in Ireland this year

Ok this is NOT  a joke but a sad and true story – we travel across the world to holiday in Ireland for the mega Guinness drinking frenzy party of the year, to end up in what must be the ONLY town or village in the country with NO pub!! After having spent a number of absolutely all fall down […]