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THS MAGAZINE A lifestyle Magazine featuring great places to stay, amazing eateries, must have luxury and designer goods and interviews with inspiring people from across the globe. At THS Magazine we are committed to bringing readers the best quality information and details of where to stay anywhere in the world. We will offer inspiration and fresh ideas, some of them unique, some romantic and some way out there wacky.


Launching 1 September 2011, we will become market mover and shakers as we share interviews with some amazing people
around the globe who have created a legacy in their field of expertise.

We will feature the latest in Must Have’s, design and where and what is hot and not!

THS will seek out the most interesting holiday, culinary, luxury and designer goods and package them into a pleasant
easy to browse format. We celebrate our own unique and individual style in bringing this information to you. 

Our magazine readers are a mixture of high income homeowners who love  the fine things in life and entertainment, 
shopping and travelling, who are phenomenally busy and need easy access to trustworthy and quality information to
make informed purchase decisions – to a younger generation of aspiring, imaginative enthusiasts who love to make
the most of their available finances and demand quality with a discerning eye.

Our mission is to be the global authority in each of our areas of expertise.

We hope you will join us on this exciting journey!

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What is THS magazine?               What is Unique?               What are the Benefits?                Apply